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Types of Waterproofing Chemical We do

The most common types of waterproofing chemical repair products application are PU grouting (epoxy), Polyurethane (PU) Membrane waterproofing, Cementitious coating waterproofing

PU grouting chemical (epoxy)

Basic knowledge: 
PU grouting chemical involving the injection of expanding polyurethane to stop the water passage through the cracks, capillary pores, joints.

The expanding polyurethane in yellow foamy is the result of the PU grout chemical reacted with the leaking water trapped inside the concrete

A fully cured PU grout (harden yellow foamy) that injected in the concrete will filled up all the concrete porosity (tiny hole inside the concrete structure). This will permanently stop the pathway of water leaking that travelling inside the concrete.

Application area:
This method is very effective for any concrete cracks area that are actively leaking.

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Cementitious Coating

Basic knowledge: 
The cementitious waterproofing consists of two coatings.

Cementitious coating is in a rigid form and has no elasticity in its properties.

The application of the cementitious coating will follow by the application of cement sand screed as a protection before lastly floor tiles application.

Application area: 
Internal wet areas that do not exposed to sunlight such as toilets, wet kitchen, shaded balcony etc. 

Liquid Membrane Polyurethane (PU)

Basic knowledge: 
The liquid membrane waterproofing consists of a primer layer and two top layers.

One of the good advantage liquid membrane PU is it offers more flexibility and elongation properties than the cementitious types.waterproofing.

The application of the PU membrane will follow by the application of cement sand screed as a protection

Application area: 
External area exposed to rain and sunlight where the concrete will go through expansion and extraction during day and night. Example area such as RC roof slab, Swimming pool, driveway, Roof garden etc.

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Why many Contractors failed to fix Waterproofing Leaking?

Unable to identify the problem: 
Many general contractors could not identify the source of why the water leaking happen especially when the leaking related to waterproofing matter.

No knowledge: 
The limited knowledge they have about waterproofing problem and the right method to solve the leaking. That is one of the contributed factors many general contractors failed to fix it.

The best Waterproofing leaking Contractor

Correctly identify 
The best waterproofing contractor could identify the source of leaking problem with the knowledge of plumbing and waterproofing and wiring.

Combination Knowledge & Skill
The combination knowledge of plumbing and waterproofing, the contractor could determine the right products waterproofing and using the proper method to apply the best waterproofing system according the situation. 

Tricky / Plan B
When the leaking situation is complicated and a very tricky. The contractor able to use plan B or a creativity method to solve the water leaking.


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