Toilet Leaking

Lets learn a little knowledge of Toilet Waterproofing 😊

How do the toilet leaking start?

The most common leaking in toilet and bathroom happen due to the condition of the older houses building structure. Over times the waterproofing, cement between tiles, concrete slab will deteriorate and thus wear out.

In some cases, new house building could also experience leaking due to wrong application method of waterproofing membrane, no application waterproofing at corner wall perimeter (upskirt wall).

Identify the leaking symptoms.

The wall or plastering ceiling started to change in color. The paint is peeling off and you can feel the dampness on the surface.

Our Solutions
The solution is depending on the leaking conditions and a proper investigation is necessary to determine the source of water leaking.

The most common method repairs are PU injection, Hacking and applying new waterproofing system, pebbles waterproofing system.

Our provided solution system including fix & repairing of the affected damage of wiring, plaster ceiling, ceiling board, skim coat and painting.

The most common types of waterproofing chemical repair products application are PU grouting (epoxy), Polyurethane (PU) Membrane waterproofing, Cementitious coating waterproofing

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