Roof Leaking

Lets learn a little knowledge of Roof leaking 😊

How do the roof tiles leaking start?

The common leakage from roof tiles is from the displacement of tiles due to strong wind, crack tiles, broken tiles and clogged drainage.  


The solution is depending on the leakage conditions and a proper investigation is necessary to determine the source of water leaking.

Using the high quality silicone to fix the joint leakage. Replacing the new roof tiles for the broken tiles. Removing the clogged drainage for the rainwater to drain away quickly.


How do the roof leaking start?

In Malaysia tropical weather, the roof is constantly exposed to sun and rain.

Roof is an external area and over time the roof concrete will experiencing severe crack where the waterproofing system and concrete structure undergoes expanding and contracting due to hot and cold weather.

A basic knowledge that any concrete structure and waterproofing membrane will wear out over time from cleaning, damage by physical object, constant movement vibration.

Our Solutions

The solution is depending on the leaking conditions and a proper investigation is necessary to determine the source of water leaking.

If the condition is too severe, the best option would be hacking and apply new waterproofing system (4 – 5 layers).

Alternative solution is available too.

Our provided solution system including fix & repairing of the affected damage of wiring, plaster ceiling, ceiling board, skim coat and painting.

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